Study in UK Virtual Roadshow

Run Virtual Roadshows as you would the physical ones.

Have face to face conversations with customers.

Apply filters and manage queues as you have not been able in the past.

Adapt it to your industry and maximize the returns.

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Discover the Right Solutions for Your Organization

Apply the filters that will increase the efficiency of your meetings.

Decide on the most important features of your customers that interest you.

Manage queues based on your objectives and see those important to you.

Keep the rest informed and guide them to reading and other materials that might answer their questions.

Video/audio link
connect with customer/guests through video for more personalized experience.
Get things done faster and get things done faster.
Get friendly and personal with guests, as you would do in a physical event.
Build booths and share documents
Design your booths to attract attention of your customers/guests.
Add audio, video, photo and written material.
Put FAQ and promotional material.
Pre-recorded webinars/presentations
Provide pre-recorded material for all guests to see.
Run live sessions and answer questions of all your guests.
Meet with the serious and more important clients.
Chat with colleagues
Chat with colleagues and exhibitors during events.
Share experiences and guests’ requests.

Great responsive design And experience For Organisations

Connect with representatives 1-to-1 and have Audio/Video chat Watch Pre-recorded presentations about your institution and Podcasts on frequently asked questions.

  • Connect with your guests/clients wherever they are .
  • Be on their preferred and personal device.
  • Achieve your objectives no matter where your customers are.